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A Boutique Estate Planning & Probate Law Practice


Our mission is to protect loved ones & to preserve estates.

​​GMSA Legal is dedicated exclusively to Estate Planning and Probate Law.
Our firm is not only knowledgeable and proactive but also compassionate and caring in these family related areas.  
We represent individuals, spouses and domestic partners, and families.  We assist each of our clients so that they understand what particular processes are involved in their unique legal situations and then counsel and educate them so that the legal processes are understandable in a simple and easy manner.
Preparing your estate plan will be one of the most important things you will do for yourself and your family.   Proper estate planning ensures your possessions end up where they belong and helps ease the emotional burden of your death on your loved ones.  Creating the proper estate plan can make the difference between having a say in the swift handling of your affairs when you die and or having a court administer your estate over a long period of time.
Do you have an Estate Plan?  If yes, when was the last time you looked at it?
Everyone has something they value.  Is yours protected by your Estate Plan?
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